1. Zack has 14 potatoes. His friend, Timmy, has 2 potatoes. How many more potatoes does Zack has more than Timmy?

2. Steven has 27 Golden potatoes. He has 3 friends and he wants to give them each the same amount, giving himself no potatoes. How many Golden potatoes will one of his friends have?

9 Potatoes
3 potatoes
6 Potatoes
Need more information
3. Maria has 2 Blue potatoes. Susie has 23 Red potatoes. They put all of their potatoes into a sack. How many potatoes are in the sack? Explain your answer in a few sentences.

4. Erin has 5 Fingerling potatoes. Jeffery, her older brother, took 2 of them. How many Fingerling Potatoes does Erin have left?


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